Refunds: A refund after your print has been completed will be given minus a 50% restocking fee and the item must be in the original condition. Return shipping will not be provided. Orders may be cancelled if printing has not started. RUSH orders are printed immediately after you order so they cannot be cancelled. If you file a chargeback with your credit card company about a refund, this costs us extra fees and your account with us will be terminated. If you feel you are still owed a refund on a previously cancelled order please contact us within 60 business days of the original order and we will investigate and refund if necessary. Printing costs will NOT be refunded if a package is delayed by USPS or fedex but we may refund shipping costs or RUSH fees after review. 

Damages: You must provide images of the damaged prints and packaging and it will be up to ChasSK Gallery if we will reprint the order or refund the cost of the damaged prints. Damage claims and lost packages must be reported to us within 30 days of the ship date so we can work with usps and fedex. Returned packages are treated as lost or damaged and the client must let us know the package was not received, we do not always get a returned package back right away so it is up to the client to contact us about lost returned or stolen packages. This also applies to orders that may be missing a print in the package, we need to know within 30 days of the shipping date. For smaller orders with damages we may ask for you to destroy by tearing up the image of an unusable print in place of returning the print to us (this saves postage and return time for refund or replacement) Larger damaged orders we may ask for the prints to be sent back. 

Print storage: All prints that are shipped flat should be stored flat and possibly stored flat in the same cardboard they are shipped in. Changes in humidity can cause any paper to curl. You can make sure you are storing prints in humidity levels ranging 50-60% humidity. If you store them flat under weight in the proper humidity the prints will flatten easily. Also, most artists tend to add a backer board you can find online to each bag so all prints stay flat. Proper humidity levels are very important for cottom fiber papers. 

Cancelled orders: There may be a small admin fee for cancelled orders so please be sure to proof your order before placing the order online. You can request order cancellation by email, phone or by voicemail but you cannot consider the order cancelled until you hear from us to confirm the order is cancelled.  Once an order is “in progress” the order cannot be cancelled.

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