Glamor of War Show

Alison Riess, performance artist and model, who curated the show asked me to be in it.

The ironically titled Glamor of War Show, was held at the Chicago Gallery on Milwaukee Ave. The community of artist rallied around Alison and the show.

Many local artists participated in the show which received positive feedback.

I was eager to contribute. I quickly painted two paintings that I called New York 1973 (Purple), included in the show and  New York 1973 (Rose).

I had felt compelled to create something dramatic but positive, to bring the feelings of hopefulness and joy that the people of New York must have felt at the opening of the twin towers in 1973. So I quickly got them together for the Gallery show that was dedicated to the people that lost their lives on 911.

As for me, I sold both paintings.


New York 1973 (Rose), 2002 © CSKrstich signed ChasSK

I love exploring works done in a series.

As you can see, they were almost identical to each other.

New York 1973 (Purple)
New York 1973 (Purple), 2002 © CSKrstich signed ChasSK


I had a wonderful time, not only did I paint and then sell two paintings I feel proud of but I also made a video of the final day.

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