Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1960, Chaslav Krstich moved to the USA during his formative years. Influenced by an artistic family, Chas exhibited a talent for art and photography at an early age. Always interested in art, it was peaked when for his twelfth birthday Chas's uncle gave him the portrait he had secretly painted of Chas.

A self-taught artist, Chas has studied art history, and visited museums and exhibits throughout the world. In his art are influences that range from medieval icons to African sculpture to Modern art and the German Expressionists. His art is a fluctuation between an illusionist narrative style and an abstract nonrepresentational style. One allows him to bring up and exhibit stories, history, even images pulled from the unconscious. The other frees him to explore colors, forms, methods for showing movement and rhythms in the visual two dimensions.

For the past 13 years, Chas has regularly exhibited at national and local competitions. At the American West Coast Censorship Competition, a local Sacramento Television station called his photograph "Blue Boy" one of the most controversial works in the show. At the same time the station censored the photograph on the air. His painting "Watching John Brown Hang" was included in an ARC Regional Competition juried by Richard Francis, Head Curator for the Museum of the Contemporary of Art in Chicago. Chas's painting was 1 of only three painting included in the show.

Today, Chas has artworks in collections across the country from California to Connecticut, from Florida to North Dakota and around the world, from Japan in Asia to Great Britain in Europe, in many corporate collections and many many individuals' collections.

For the last 3 and a half years, Chas, with his co-host and co-producer painter David Moskow, has been interviewing and putting on local cable television the art scene of Chicago in a unique show called "Discover-Art".

Currently freelancing as a Video Editor, Chas cites photography as an early love. He graduated from a school renowned for communication, Southern Illinois University. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Photography.

Chaslav S. Krstich

1930 Pine Road Homewood IL 60430


fax: 708.647.1339