Sun, Jul 14, 1996 6:00:32 AM "Study For The Carnival"

Put in an hour on the first of the carnival studies.
Not mixing too much but rather using paint straight from the tube to get those garish carnival colors.

Mon, Jul 15, 1996 2:05:08 AM "Study For The Carnival"

Worked on study no. 1 again. I'm using white on the charcoal outlines to get a gray for the framing of the Ferris Wheel. I also added a stripe to one of the balloons with all the stripes in the damned thing will be incredibly busy. Its an exciting picture. I need to draw out the other ones and get going on them if I plan to have the large one completed for the Outsider fair.

Tue, Jul 16, 1996 8:46:04 AM "Study For The Carnival"

Started to draw out the next two studies, the two verticals. They just might come out nice, but not as busy as the first one. Well the Pumpkin jump might have some of that business. There might be a way to combine the two views into the large carnival picture.
I just need to get going on these two and to finish the first one. Before I start tonight I need to put out all the colors I'll use, mix them in advance and just go through the picture with self assured speed.

Wed, Jul 17, 1996 1:21:47 AM "Study For The Carnival"

Started on the second of the three studies. Painted in the white for the frame on the Ferris Wheel and the fencing around the balloon ride. Put in the red for the center of the Ferris Wheel and three of the balloons.

Tue, Aug 6, 1996 1:19:28 AM "Study For The Carnival"

Finished the second Carnival study. Could be my idea of taking the best of these three painting might work out after all.
The second one didn't come out as bad as I had come to expect.

Mon, Aug 12, 1996 1:48:00 AM "Study For The Carnival"

Finished the third Carnival study.
I don't think I spent more than two and a half hours painting this one. Obviously I had this one drawn out, but the colors weren't planned. It wasn't as busy as the other two carnival studies.
This is very different from the others. Not only is the view different, the rides are different and it also doesn't have the stripes that the others studies have in them.
I did try to use clouds in this one, but I need to study the Van Gogh clouds more.
After work today I'll get to work doing drawings from these painting and the other drawings to figure out the large carnival.

Tue, Aug 13, 1996 1:17:03 AM Carnival

Didn't do any work on "The Carnival" tonight, outside of looking at the studies I've painted.
I will do some drawings when I get home tomorrow. I went to sleep when I got home last evening and bike riding after I woke from my nap.

Wed, Aug 14, 1996 1:13:32 AM "Study For The Carnival"

Did three charcoal sketches for the large carnival. I need much more work on these sketches before I'm ready to start on the masonite board.

Thu, Aug 15, 1996 10:35:53 AM Carnival

Try a few very abstract drawings.
The fascinating aspect of the paintings is the way I did the ferris wheel. Just two circles one inside the other, yet it looks like perspectively correct.
If I try to simplify the drawings, try to call up only the essence of the rides with the two sides blocked off, the right by the platform of stripes, the left side by the building make up of blocks of orange-red, with the triangles on top.

Fri, Aug 16, 1996 8:49:16 AM Carnival

Did four charcoals drawings last night, I tried to abstract out the carnival. But I don't feel as if I took them far enough.
The last couple seemed to be coming close to what I want. If I knew what it was that I wanted.
Once I let myself away from the solid depiction of the ferris wheel, the forms started to play among themselves.

Fri, Aug 16, 1996 9:08:20 AM Carnival

Could be I should try using tracing paper. Each ride on a separate paper and overlay them with a happy interaction.
I need to strive for a happier painting, I use bright colors but they still seem depressed or angry.

Sun, Aug 18, 1996 9:01:28 PM Carnival

Did another study for "Carnival". More abstract this time. I'm not happy with it, too concrete, the shapes are to geometric. I made it more impasto to give it life, but that wasn't enough to make it vibrant.
I'm going to try again. Another abstract but blurrier, I guess is what I want or maybe need.

Tue, Aug 27, 1996 12:54:29 AM Carnival

Started on the large masonite, 36"x36". Sketched out the painting in charcoal and painted in the white and red first layers. I wonder if I'll have enough time now to finish this for Round the Coyote.

Sat, Aug 31, 1996 2:58:29 AM Carnival

Finished "Carnival" yesterday. Spent a couple of hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. I need to let it sit for a while to get a feeling for it. I don't feel very happy with it but I never do at first glance. I hope its dried out enough for me to take it over to the gallery on Sunday.
I can't even think why I'm unhappy with it right now. Well that's done on to the next one.

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