From the Poems of Ak-Bar Kok





To understand the equation you need the proofs.

You should have smoked more of it, or smoked none of it
But that's all of it baby

So take those insolent eyes, schemeing through slits
So like your baby's

Yet much more disheartening, for the danger of a street
Brainiac power girl

Junkie hungry for her drugs

So the amount I gave you, its not enough, after I cook it
I ain't got nothing to smoke

Hon, I say , I want to fuck you while you smoke
She was cooking the shit up

I fucked her pussy dry

Snorting it, day in and out, night in and out
Horny, fucking day in, out

But I was safe, I always wore that rubber
Fucking 8 times a day

Box after box, those never ran out

But when the shit ran out, and it always ran out
She didn't stop

When it was gone, when there was none left
When I wouldn't get her none

She'd be gone

She left, she took off with it, took it with her
I was too stupid to get my own

Gone, Gone for days, for weeks, for more
She was getting hers

They were all getting hers

All, for the price of a rock in their pocket
They got all of hers

Till I got slapped in the face

It took time, time to understand the equation
Time to get the proofs

To prove to myself

And then I stopped, I got smart, I was cured
I didn't want no more

I ain't getting me no more

No way, not no more.


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© C.S. Krstich 2006