From the Poems of Ak-Bar Kok




"Our Movies"

Those were our movies

Sid & Nancy
Drugstore Cowboy
you promised to save me some

you did it all, you didn't leave me any
We could relate to them
we wore out the tape of

watching it
over and over
while doing
line after line

I was watching Drugstore Cowboy
last night
All the thoughts, emotions, remembrances

with the memories of
the whore
my wife
she said
I may have been many things
but I was no tramp
and she left
with her new man
at the end he said
a drug addict always knows how
he will feel

he just reads the label
on the bottle
I don't need that
I'm happy
unless I get that rush

of memories
watching our movies


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© C.S. Krstich 2006