From the Poems of Ak-Bar Kok




"cyd that mean cyd! "



that switches my lifecar the slow track, drugs

did some speed last night, I don't have to sleep till maybe.

Cyd that mean Cyd

lookin to fight

what she say, excuse herself

physically abused


so see, her anger's up quick

Woo, she starts nice, happy

when I say the words

Keep tellin me, she says

another set from me

your full of shit, she says

you don't fill my needs

care only for yourself, she says

more and more words just more words, from me

I'm sayin sex movies dinner

all the same

they fill the need

I filled your need

Your words are wrong, she says Your too slick and my women laughed (I'm a slob, I admit but no ones ever)

I respond to the right words, she says louder and more abrasive,

she says, all the words, what do you do


Manipulate you to do what you want to do

Manipulate, but not as you do I could see what you wanted

needed, I don't know and I gave it to you and it was good

and I wanted it again and I gave it to you again and it was still good

and we talked and now I can't stop wantin in it

and you can't, don't need anything

So say, I manipulate as all people are apt to do

but baby not as you do

want or need

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© C.S. Krstich 2006