From the Poems of Ak-Bar Kok




"Almost Saved By The Love Of Jesus"

is named
and my balls
jesus mary and joseph
girl have you
in you

Girl do you
on your
knees and
in you
is upmost
in my

lord of lords
True head
of all

man's faiths
when I'm
not taking
my religion
to task
I put it to as many
as need
to be saved
by the agony and
of the one

So I'm at a going away party for this zipped up meglobsessed with altering the chicago skyline

he knew when he saw it that was the place for his fifteen story two block peak climax to peace and

harmony in the city of none a monument to himself at over forty

So his wife at home a few thousand miles away raising their son for the years that he was here


his mania was tired and a wee bit afraid of how good the young cock she was getting was getting to be

and so wanted him home and he went

as the party was winding down I hadn't gotten too drunk I got C mad, I told an ex-student of my


former friend's that she had had a hard time getting married in the church the catholic church the

ex-student was a pretty twenty two year old catholic virgin as I was later to find out I had meant


stupid of the church to turn anyone down in their attempt to stay within the sanctity of the church so I

had to after I was informed of the extent of C's anger over the blah blah of mine a few weeks later


an apology though through out I didn't feel as if I had done any wrong which she accepted

So C's former student I used to and sometimes still do try too hard to get a woman but this night I was

ready to walk out with my friends after getting a couple of phone numbers that weren't anyway any use

in the end when she asked me to go out for a drink was drunk

So I told my friends that I wasn't going with them and had that drink with her and another too after we

managed to find a place not too crowded and loud and we did

So we went back to her one room apartment and stripped and fucked and she started to bleed

a lot

and to say it hurt a lot

all over the fucking sheets and

all over my fucking dick and

my big belly and

she said it was all right she was a virgin

I said it'll only hurt a little and

she said it hurt a lot and

I didn't know shit anyhow but to go on

I did

and it hurt her

or so she said and I believed her like I believed that she was a virgin and not just on

the rag and ashamed to admit it as a thought the next day suggested

So I pumped her and came on the sheets cause you know I didn't want this poor catholic

girl who was quite a cynic at that who needed to be fucked by someone and to come

more regularly then this one night preggers as my friend C was

So weird we took separate showers after the fuck to clean off all the blood and we

slept in the only bed though I'm sure that she would have liked me to split as I see it

now and I got up early the next morning having to take the bus back to change before

going to work that morning waking her while unsuccessfully looking for my glasses

and left I ended up at work early that morning the glasses were in bed with her and

she'll leave them at the front desk and she didn't want to go out with me since I would

remind her of what she had done and she knows I wouldn't understand needed to be a

guilt ridden catholic girl

So I guess she won't


another woman almost

saved by the love of jesus

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